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New Moon (The Twilight Saga)

New Moon (The Twilight Saga)So, if we talk briefly about the plot, the new moon has survived death a couple of Bella and Edward suddenly parted. And all for a good reason Edward, who fears that his beloved will eat anyone of his relatives. But love is a complicated thing, and it gets even worse than it could be. Bella out of desperation looking for a way to “call” voice-memories of Edward, and it turns out it is only because any kind of extreme. Or by communicating with her new friend – “bad lover”, convert tear up some wolf ass (a werewolf) Jacob, who hates vampires. The result: the feud between Edward and Jacob (the reason, in my humble opinion, not only is that a vampire and a werewolf, and the Apple of discord – Bella), a newly not dead Edward and Bella and the Volturi who has his eye on wonder girl.

The language did not speak. As always simple but I something think that this type of novel and not worth writing too catchy. Would be even sweeter. Although I have in this language of self-interest – all clear, and the conscience quieted, I do not bury English, and then there for the original Austin I still will not take.

Heroes. Oh! Here I had all sorts of thoughts about how and why Meyer wrote his characters. Let’s start with his name – a brilliant character. Perfect, but not in terms of Mary-sue, about which so much has been written. Mary-sue what is it: a model, with simple nature, which never does not fit all. And Bella…she just created in order to anyone who reads, could find in it something for themselves. Stay away from people and you are afraid of girls, is able to three hours to only talk about dresses and boys? Love to cook and learn well?

Doing wrong? Romantic and love famous literary couples? You do not want to have a young man spend money on You when you have nothing to give him in return? Not true, most will find something from it? So here Mayer is a big plus: pleased, if not all, then many. Then the Cullens. Oh, if the human family were: one for all and all for one – a real family. And staff to the same – happy(with rare exceptions, gave up) to accept someone new. And here another plus.

Edward and Jacob. Oh, lucky girl, do not say anything: then she lived quietly and peacefully under the bright sun, then came to a quiet town, here goes: first a vampire and then and tear up some wolf ass. And both such strong, caring and extremely interesting. Though one feed is not too profitable. But certainly not bored. Edward was not too much, but it is in these moments managed to prove itself exclusively with the romantic side of Shakespeare in your ear and read your own music to favorite recorded.