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Mostly Harmless (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

Mostly Harmless (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)The fifth and final part of a trilogy about hitchhiking in the Galaxy. The first four went pretty consistently – 1979, 1980, 1982, 1984. And the fifth part was published already in eight years (1992) after the fourth, so lyrical and even dramatic.

If the fourth was a beautiful God of rain and great music Dire Straits, the fifth almost deprived of something basic and memorable. It and humor, it is almost there, so a couple of times over Arthur dent laugh. The author certainly was not in the mood to continue to sneer at the reality. And its overpowering vulgarity of existence.

Although, if you have the desire and diligence, can be considered the highlight of the story of Elvis Presley, who, it turns out, isn’t really dead, but only flew to the aliens. Enjoyed this, as always, Douglas Adams, cute and funny, with a nice mockery of Arthur and read allusions.

And sandwiches, a real hymn to the sandwiches. The right bread, turning knives, laying of meat – Adams sang this art. Not without irony and laughter, of course.

The rest of the book, anyway, harder than the other books of this trilogy. Perhaps the topic is really exhausted. That was new, fresh and amazed over. Other has not appeared. But the first three parts of the Saga of Vagonah, Prefect and Dent redeem any of the flaws of the finale.

The fifth book is very different from the first. At least the fact that it is noticeably thicker. If you can talk about the books up to 300 pages. And certainly your mood. It is very sad, here everyone has their own sadness. Most of all I feel sorry for the girl who feels unwanted child. Besides, in this part of the many women that undoubtedly surprised.

After the sudden disappearance Fenchurch Arthur wanders the worlds and dimensions in search of the meaning of life and his seat, and again coming back to the coordinates where to Land, but finds its place every time something is absolutely not like home. I also love visiting the Arthur of the planet that is home to some clairvoyants and fortune tellers – it is very much there hilarious moments. To afford such trips, he sells napravle and left traces of DNA in different types to buy tickets. And it is this mindless behavior then it will turn to a very unexpected result for him.