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Mockingjay (Hunger Games Trilogy, Book 3)

Mockingjay (Hunger Games Trilogy, Book 3)Does not recover from read. Like a stone to the ground crushed, even the breathing is hard. The third book was the most difficult, senseless and merciless. Compared to this first volume is really a children’s tale. I think I know what is the biggest problem. Katniss is stupid.

And inexplicably she was sick even stronger: in “the hunger games” she counted each step of the opponent, the “Jay” she was not able to see anything beyond their noses. In principle, as we know from “Harry Potter”, a bit tight on the head of the main character is not a reason for failure. But Harry is infinitely good heart and he knows how to make friends, but true friends throw valuable ideas at the right time. Katniss doesn’t know how to be friends.

The only one it is bound unconditionally – native, sister and mother. To everyone else, the attitude is changing radically every five minutes. Therefore, it is incredibly stupid and tell her no one. You can tolerate a long time, but when she said “For Prim’s sake” is, honestly, wanted to punch her in the face. What ended the whole story? The sea of death, sea of pain. All whom only it was possible to separate and deprive of happiness – parted, deprived. The rebels seem to have won, but after the blood there are doubts, not whether they traded the flea.

The hunger games is no more, but appeared in their place something good in people’s lives? Is not visible. Any of the main characters found happiness? Gale seems to be just thrown overboard the plot, he served his. Katniss also successfully threw it out of my head, but Gale? Whether he is in his Second kissed some other girl, as imagined Katniss? I doubt it. Pete, like, you got what you wanted, but can Katniss trust him now? I think it’s impossible. Though he, like, recovered from the poison, all the same, they both will at times bump into its echoes, and the old location will not be never.