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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChildrenDeceit of the author there is no limit. A good third of the book he tries to confuse the reader. Asked to choose whose version of events is true – the main character, or therapist. Naive. The modern reader is not caught with chaff, tea is not yesterday learned to read. How can there be choice? Do not tell. It’s a book. Here in life the doctor believed it, and in the book – I believe Jacob and his grandfather.

It is understandable, since he sees monsters, so they are real. And, from time to time, a regular guy will converge with them face-to-face, strolling along the balusters. And if the meeting is imminent, waiting for Jacob’s long road to the island misty. Straight into the open arms of children with superhuman abilities, trapped in September 1940. Not the life they have, and the song. And “I the calendar will change And again the third of September…” Kids (or rather, one girl) and a guest will meet, and the knife to the throat of bailiffs into the house to get help. The latter is especially useful, because you can only arrange the tour on the ashes of this house.

But to get there, where grandpa sent, you need to be smart. Santa then the whole scheme is painted, but very briefly – time, he had to spare was very vague. Jacob, of course, did not understand what was happening, but in the right place still got. The book is the same! Although, if the plot continued to hide behind the realism, and could not get. I would have stood mournfully in the ashes, sympathized with the grandfather, twice lost his family, and returned home. But it turned out as Socinius and Jacob, after his grandfather, entered the family of strange people. Children truly was sorry, even though they are imaginary. To go anywhere I can not sit in this “house of strange children”.

It’s a trap, not a refuge, if you think about it. And only the naive Jacob’s resting here from everyday life, which he led at home, and asks questions absolutely unnecessary in view of the fate that has befallen the Apple. Enjoy the third of September and communication with children. Which, by the way, already over 70. And someone and at all 117. They Sep spent so much time, it is not clear how they’re bored out of his mind poshodili. Of course, they entertain themselves as they can. Millard, for example, is busy compiling a single day in the life of the city.