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Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey by Rupi KaurIf you look at the surface, this book is a revelation, the story of how the woman lived, loved, in some point, made a crack and now she’s trying to recover from a breakup. But this story is much deeper than that. This book raises such issues as: the ability to love and appreciate yourself, gives perspective on relationships and what they should be and that is not how you want to feel in a relationship and how to heal from any parting, whether it’s with your loved one or with someone else.

In addition, the book concerns the very broad topic of feminism and equality in all its manifestations. Can’t say that this topic is close to me or touches me much. Rather, I have very conflicting opinions on feminism in General (but I can go into this long argument and I will not shut up, so let’s not talk about it). But in this work it is not such a zealous feminism (there were places where I wanted to roll my eyes, but they were a straight couple), here the feminism is manifested in femininity, self-love and in some more obvious and simple things that unfortunately not everyone understands, or else interpretiruya.

But even if we ignore all the deep conversations will remain very touching, brings tears, smile, sadness, the joy for the author, history. It really touches the depths of your soul, and every reader will surely find themselves at least a few passages. Though the main topic and the problem is not close to me, but the book is inspiring and to many passages I can attribute to myself. I had goosebumps and I’m ready to go back to this book again and again. She is so feminine, so gentle and so strong, it touches a nerve.