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Me Before You

Me Before YouThis is the best book Jojo Moyes! Although there… for me this is the best book I have ever read! Definitely, Jojo Moyes is my favorite author. I buy her books without even reading the annotations, just know that bad she did not write. Maybe this book is not perfect, but I love her with all my heart, primarily because she gave me the love of reading.

Before I could read it in year one or two books or not read anything. But now I just can’t imagine a day without a book in his hands. And thanks for the “Before I met you.” I read it for the second time (and certainly not the last). I remember the first time I read it 1.01.2014 years, and then it was the holidays, I have the weekend. And now the same situation: again the holiday and the weekend again I can’t Express in my review and half of all his feelings to this book. Reading it for the second time, I was filled with all the same emotions as the first, despite the fact that I already know the whole story.

I’m not enough enthusiastic adjectives to describe all my love to this book. And so much has been said about this story that I don’t even know what new I can say in my review… And to be honest, it was hard to write. I had a feeling that it’s not just the novel’s characters and real people that I personally know them. The book caused a storm of emotions: joy, sympathy, pity, sadness, empathy. The book sucked from the first page, not break away from it. Beautiful and very tragic story. She is worth every spent on it minutes. And even after reading it is impossible to forget its heroes.

The story of a simple girl, Louisa Clark, which leads to a uniform life, the stars from the sky does not catch. Its all in the life like working in a cafe, living with his parents and sister in a cramped house, her boyfriend, to which she already feels nothing. And so, after closing the restaurant where she worked, she has to find a new job. She was offered a job as a nurse at quadriplegic named will Traynor. Before the accident he led a life full of bright events, adventures, never sitting still. Will be depressed, and Lou must help him to get out, to show that there is something to live for. But she had no idea that he change it for the better, learn to live a full life and force you to try to do something that she would never have dared. Two completely different people, who will not have the opportunity to meet, if not accident will.

Despite the heavy theme of the novel, read it in one breath, thanks to the beautiful, sweet, easy language. And I liked the jokes between the main characters and Bernard. A touching story that makes you think a lot, maybe even to rethink something. I liked absolutely all the novel’s characters. In them it is impossible not to fall in love: the ever-busy Mama Lou Josie, the father with his sarcastic jokes, over which laugh in the voice, Nathan, sister Lou. Although sometimes I didn’t like the attitude of parents and Katrina to Lou all the time, teased her over the fact that she is stupid, some consumer attitude, especially Katrina.

There are books that make me sad. But this is the only book that made me cry. Although I’m not a sentimental man. And after such sadness attacks. And you have to wonder why it happened in the lives of the characters. After the book left a bitter aftertaste and maybe resentment, that it had to end, although she know, another final here would be inappropriate. We can debate the correctness of the choice of will. Physically able people find it difficult to understand that he feels those who were in a wheelchair that they have to endure every day: the views of others, compassion toward yourself, being afraid of deterioration of health, to be permanently from someone addicted.

Will be accused of selfishness, of cowardice. But we’d all do if in his shoes? Although what he did is unfair towards other people who he sincerely loved. And this he did hurt them, though his action was easier. Although it is possible to take, for example, Stephen Hariga and Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, who, despite his condition, found the strength to continue to live and try to have fun in life. © Fari22