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Martin Eden by Jack London

Martin Eden by Jack LondonNovel by Jack London captivates with its simplicity and reliability. The author accurately selects words for each mood, emotions, events. He wrote sublimely about the love, hard and sharp about politics, morals. Noble, intelligent, energetic,purposeful Mr. Eden, of course, idealized, but close and clear.

It feels autobiographical novel that only adds interest. In the story there is not much intrigue, but still remains a pleasant reading experience, thanks to the brightness of the created images and emotional intensity. Martin Eden is motivated by love and the calling of the writer, allowing you to perform feats. A simple sailor, to be worthy of the woman, raises itself from the lower classes of society to her level.

In the sphere of culture, identity, authenticity – it goes much higher and farther than she is and is not understood by the beloved Ruth. Possessing an incredible ability to feel beauty, to see and understand all of its manifestations, Martin decides to learn to Express it in words to share with everyone . Working on the style of the day and night, honing writing skills, he sleeps only five hours a day, often fast, but does not give up, again and again, sending manuscripts to various journals.

The long silence of publishers, the frequent returns of manuscripts unscrupulous behavior of some editors create incredible passions, capturing the reader’s attention. London has such a gift written by them penetrates into the very essence of man, interwoven with hidden strings of the soul. Somewhere in the middle of the book I caught myself thinking that it is not just read – live everything that happened.

Everything felt Martin Eden – delight and enthusiasm, to contempt and frustration, indulge me. Along with the main character I wanted, went to the goal, and reaching critical acclaim, publishers and readers, and realizing that success depends not on the merits of the written, not from the time and effort, and just from the ability to generate income, disappointed in people and life itself. Vigorous movement Martin slowed and stopped. Emptiness and silence. No plans, desires and efforts. No wedding bells. So ruthless and cruel can only be a dream come true.

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