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Map of Bones (Sigma Force)

Map of Bones (Sigma Force) by James RollinsMap of Bones by James Rollins – another story about the mysteries of ancient artifacts, in search of clues that involve the Church, one representative of the Italian police, a mysterious knight’s order, really exists in our time and according to the author’s plan leading a secret war with the Catholic Church, and a very secret special squad “Sigma”.

To go into the details of the plot does not make sense. I will only say that it is twisted around unraveling the ancient mystery of the bones of the biblical Magi, and at first he intrigued me, but closer to the middle of the novel the story was somehow boring and rather lengthy. The events in the novel did not stand still and at first it was interesting to read about the adventures of the characters, but over time it all more resembled a obscure mishmash of far-fettered facts, solving puzzles and confrontation with the villains.

Therefore, the novel became more and more disappointing and all interest in it I lost. Regarding the dilution of the plot with various details, I will say that the various historical facts introduced by the author to the novel were interesting, but scientific ones are not at all, although I am a physicist myself. Images of the characters of this novel were not so deep and convincing. Positive characters are extremely implausible, so their images do not touch, do not make them worry.