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LullabyWho among us has not wondered about the power of words and thoughts? The word heals and cripples, gives hope and takes it, raises it to the sky and makes a fool into the abyss of darkness and pain. And kills. Sometimes. Simple idea also has the strength and energy, despite the fact that remains unspoken aloud. This is all fine and good, if we are talking about the creative thoughts. But they, the infection is not always bright and innocent. In ordinary people raging thoughts, good thoughts, great thoughts, nasty, vile and dangerous thoughts. It is terrible to imagine yourself in a world that is described in the book “Lullaby” by Chuck Palahniuk.

It’s a crazy world lullabies that kills whoever hears it. The person to whom it is addressed, even mentally, even unintentionally. This is a story about the power exhilarating, blowing the roof off, fascinating and frightening, desirable and hateful. How does it feel to be able to kill word, thought and wonderful lullaby? Kill the enemies first, then those who “just face did not work” or no time were you in the same place at the same time, and looked askance in your direction?

To kill without thinking, casually. Human life is not worth spit. And once, perhaps for negligence against the background of total intoxication with the power to kill a loved one. To resouces on something and solve the problem already familiar, a quick and convenient way to “lull” the offender forever. Habit. Can anyone vouch for myself that getting into the hands of such a government will stand, not fall through, not away completely? Power corrupts! Ruthlessly corrupts. And it’s hard to predict what she’ll do until you find it.

And turning can learn a lot about yourself. But if to imagine that such power is vested not only you and, say, even a handful of people on Earth, and each and every one? If only for a moment, to imagine that song as a deadly weapon went to the masses, knows no barriers, it can sound anywhere and everywhere at any time? TV, radio, Newspapers, books, and people, all people, without exception, can be a source of danger?

Should someone only to think… Scared? Not the right word. And so we gradually get to the other side of the book “Lullaby”. The problem is not everyone wants to think, because thinking, very likely, will realize that there is about him too. And that’s not very nice. I caught myself in this. Almost don’t watch TV, rarely listen to music. But every free minute either reading or listening to audiobooks. Running from my thoughts, from reality. Oh how hate to admit, but necessary. I need. To understand the full, frightening and something to do.