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Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids

Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the AsteroidsTaking another account of a book about a restless and ingenious lucky, we again dipped on the very top in the world of the burning Flares, the cosmic currents and treacherous villains.

After we read ten pages, we understand that the book is in no way distracting from the overall cycle about lucky Starr, though this time the villains of other, stiffer or something, pirates is still, and the scene shifts to a few million kilometers in the direction of the asteroid belt.

After reading 50 more pages, we realize that lucky has not changed. He again finds himself in an incredibly complicated and deadly situation, bring their case to a state “worse than ever”, and then heroically, and with superhuman perseverance to extricate himself from them. At that time the impression that David Starr, though living in new York, but clearly has somewhere Russian relatives.

Reading further, we are to walk – we just thought the other villains, in actual fact it’s all the same evil Sirianni runny nose all the galactic black holes.

And finally, closing the last page of the book, we inhale the spirit that we might have intercepted, and begin to think about what they read.

The book really carries the adventurous spirit of adventure, there’s even a surprisingly uncompromising struggle between good and evil (second part of the sentence sarcasm, ate, who do not understand). Slightly flavored tale of the author sound a little bit provocative humor. Asimov did even attempt collapse unexpectedly the plot of the thumb-gauge. But… Then begins one big, and maybe not too, But! As a detective the book is mildly weak – too obvious in the storyline bad “the Butler”. The plot is pretty banal. Take the following scenario from the book. As you may have guessed next will be the spoiler.