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Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus

Lucky Starr and the Oceans of VenusLucky Starr, apparently, won’t sit still until, until he will destroy all the cosmic evil in the Solar system. Given the fact that the fantasy Asimov – what, then this time Starr gets on Venus.

His old friend and classmate Evans is suspected of betraying the interests of the Council. Starr does not believe the accusers, and together with his Sancho Panza, a great man sent to the scene to understand everything myself. However, he / she will have to have not windmills (well, where on Venus, where the oceans and no continents, should the wind?), and with the cutest Pets In frogs, which are able to penetrate the consciousness of the people and impose their will. Here only they do it on their own…

Unusual twist. Not in terms of the adventures of lucky, everything is once again crystal clear – while there is injustice, mystery, and intrigue, unusual investigation will occur. But that’s about toads is cool. And toads who love oil, and the hypnotist – this is something with something. You can even draw an analogy between these toads and the current political situation.