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Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter

Lucky Starr and the Moons of JupiterOn the background of the Jupiter scenery unfolds another mysterious and full of intrigue story. This time lucky and his have to find the spy, who had infiltrated the base, which conducted top-secret development.Since the task is to catch up and overtake Sirius.

Very pleased with the appearance of frog, voracious obayashki from Venus. It is a pity that this cutie was murdered. Of course, could not fail to please the great man, who demonstrated incredible (his) miracles of deduction and reasoning, attempting to disarm an enemy spy. But it seems that even when his vlyapyvaetsya in history, still it is even beneficial. After all, don’t trip then the great man, there would be one more key to the answer.

New continuing the theme of robotics in the series about lucky stare. The clue detective part was pretty interesting, but I guessed the culprit much earlier because of what a large portion of the lost interest. And again, the standard to horror moves are repeated from book to book: call the culprit one to expose the main villain.