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Lucky Starr and the Big Sun Mercury

Lucky Starr and the Big Sun MercuryAnother adventure from the master of detective fiction by Isaac Asimov. The events of his giant books cover the time period of the conquest of the Universe and the adventures of lucky Starr is devoted to the initial stage of the development of the planets of the Solar system.

The action of this book takes place on the nearest planet to the Sun. Some astronomical information are outdated. Antediluvian computers make you smile. “First steps” robots in literature, the famous three laws of robotics – a reason for nostalgia of the “Golden age of science fiction”. The main characters – the typical inhabitants of detectives of the sixties and seventies. Lucky and his companion a noble, brave, fair, equally well able to make friends and to reveal the intricate case. No mystery can resist the ability of Starr to build logical conclusions.

Lucky and the big man can not do without adventures. This time the adventures overtook them on mercury. Oh, where humanity has climbed, it is a pity that we cannot travel to planets, as does lucky. Not in terms of detective stories, but in principle. And while we don’t fly on the weekend on different planet to rest, then will travel together with lucky Starr and investigate all sorts of strange cases. And a big plus in these adventures is that we (team lucky) you’ll no doubt find the main culprit and will come out winners!

This part is no exception, the same dynamic and vivid situation very realistically described mercury and the life of settlers on it.