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Love and Freindship (Love And Friendship)

Love and FreindshipOf course, to fully understand the satire of the young Jane, you need to either know the time, namely the literary fashion of those times, or know the very good literature. I confess that neither the one nor the other can not boast. I have read nothing like sentimental novels in the style of Richardson, which was honed sharp pen 15 year old Jane Austen.

However, you still understand what made a girl to write such a sarcastic parody, it’s possible. Austin outlined how exactly look like the sex if to bring their techniques to the absolute. In the end, this nonsense turns out that not even funny. Here adventurers and adventuress, covering their actions the elevation and excessive sensitivity here is amazing stupid, then the susceptibility of young ladies turns into constant fainting turns the history of the place altogether inexplicable, because something just occurs out of nowhere.

That’s fainting and the mysteries of birth, when suddenly the poor sirotinushka out of nowhere a rich relative, Jane Austen is particularly good the past. And, of course, forbidden love, marriage at the behest of parents and “with sweet heaven in a tent.” Despite the fact that this is only a sample of the pen, what brand syllable is not formed yet, this is a story worthy of attention. Especially to fans of Jane Austen. In these lines one can already see the direction of its future creativity, discern the style, but the tongue is already sharp so that the razor poison.