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Lord of Light

Lord of LightThe war between the gods of the Hindu Pantheon: Brahma, Siva, Yama, Kali (of course), Ratri and the other demigods and Mahasamatman, aka Siddhartha, aka Gautama, aka Buddha, aka Prince of Light. And the gods-all complicated, everyone has a few names in which to understand not to go, and even after the death of this God, they also may become the other original God, like Kali became Brahma, and before that was Ratri, and before that it was Durga, and before the devil knows who else. In General, this book is like a puzzle: who is who who is who who have have degenerated, and who wanders the world in search of the truth.

In the book a lot, a lot, very very very much Buddhism. However, it takes the Zelazny is very interesting: first, the poetic chanting of the Buddhist truths, the real sermon of Buddha can be read aloud and in a singsong voice, they are so beautiful – Zelazny stringing words into sentences like in the song, and Bravo to the translator, submitted this melodic sound. So, poetically, so that the reader has comprehended, and there very easy, and then inspired, and so difficult to appreciate these meandering thoughts, and then the author includes a powerful sarcasm, “Well you would akin to work, divorced then snot.” And this is itself an ironic acceptance like a cold shower – and one, two, three, many, many times on the pages. In addition to Buddhism Zelazny casually thinking about very different phenomena.

They like intrigue, and spears, with swords, and magic here is in competition with high-tech gadgets. The gods or the First is the owners and keepers of high technology, which they use to keep in obedience to others. Demons are the indigenous people of the world. In General, there exists a monstrous conglomeration of different creatures, devices, and names. In the course of reading is very easy to get confused. If you are not an expert on Hindu mythology and of the foundations of Buddhism, it will not be easy to connect actors and to understand what it is happening in the book.