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La Dame de Monsoreau by Alexandre Dumas

La Dame de Monsoreau by Alexandre DumasThe time period chosen by Alexandre Dumas for the novel «La Dame de Monsoreau» itself contains an allusion to the struggle for power over the state. In power, the childless Henry III, he is the last of the Valois dynasty, is particularly sensitive to any hint of Salic law, by which his ancestors came to power. Once Philip VI did not want to give up power over the country in the hands of the English monarch also had all the rights to the French throne.

It is to address misunderstandings were invented, the law dealing with the right to rule strictly in the male line, and reigned in his valua. Subsequent events put France in the terms of a possible disappearance from the map, but all by itself formed. Only it’s not pleasing to Henry III, who are aware of the problem of transmission of power to the next ruler. The Duke of Anjou françois, on the one hand, Yes, king Henry of Navarre on the other, both worthy to receive the regalia of the king, but there can be only one. Though the cycle and relates more to the King of Navarre, but the Henry in the story is almost there.

However, traditionally, there is in the story and the person loudly in the title of the book: Alexandre Dumas once again leaves the reader with the nose, telling about different people. Of course, the Countess de Monsoreau will be shown to the reader, but strictly secondary roles.

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