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Killing Floor (Jack Reacher)

Killing FloorJack Reacher is former major in the us military police, qualified and competent expert in his field. Sharp mind and wit help to go through life not komives. And how? After all, he and his brother were born and grew up in the barracks among the military. And followed in the footsteps of his father, a marine. Also become military. But it so happened that Jack drops everything and becomes a simple civilian.

Without a home and family, he roams the United States, moving from city to city. In free flight, as they say… Live as he wants, does what he wants and goes like a bird in the sky, wherever he wants. No orders, reports, assignments. Family no relations has long does not. In his journey, his fate threw him to a small town where he was arrested and charged with murder. When Reacher learns that this story killed his close relative, he of course decides to stay in this town to understand what was happening.

And stumbles upon a criminal tangle consisting, from the top of the Board and from the elite upper classes of society, which involved many influential people… Unwinding this tangle of deceit and murder, Jack becomes the friend and beloved woman, which helps him in the investigation of the incident. A good solid detective story with all its inherent attributes. Action-Packed and sometimes stressful. Carries literally from the first row. Few books are able to show its unique atmosphere from the first pages.

This book is one of them. It’s kind of not afraid of the word, enter… be involved and follow the events through the eyes Reacher until the very end. The narrative is in first person. From the Jack Reacher, which describes in detail his actions and thoughts. He carefully evaluates the evidence and draws conclusions. Being the owner of keen intellect, deductive method he goes on the most incredible scenarios.

No, he’s not a genius, but so brutal and interesting character that never ceases to amaze me why so far in the series these books made only one film. James bond is already a whole bunch of filmed. Even about Alex Cross three of the movie is… and it is compared with richeron just nothing. Jack Reacher is a strong, fast and smart. Besides, he has the skills of vaccinated many years of service in the army.

The only negative of the book is probably unnecessary tension in places. With explanation of some of the parts overkill. On the other hand it is necessary in order to reveal to the reader some specific nuances… that because of what happened all the murders. The book reads easily and with enthusiasm.