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Keep the Aspidistra Flying Paperback by George Orwell

Keep the Aspidistra Flying Paperback by George OrwellGordon Comstock is an extreme form of selfishness. He lives and plays. Constantly a whole crowd of people follow him and worried about him. Sister, relatives, girl friend is a socialist. Gordon has never visited the animal fear is really a lonely person, or worse, a person who fears for their loved ones. Loved ones had not, because he doesn’t love anyone and he don’t care about anyone except his great ideas. In his own genius is not in doubt.

Essentially, this is a big kid who can’t grow up even at the cost of deprivation. Although, you need to give that mentally he is ready to be on the street and spend the night in a roadside ditch. The main idea of this work is so profound that it can be overlooked for a bunch of others applied ideas that are present in abundance on the pages of “ficus”.

Food for thought can be found in almost everything, if affected by such an eternal social values like money, status in society, marriage, etc. Society is reshaping us. Anyone who tried to live as he sees fit and only do what he likes. Someone was lucky with work or with your family, but to prevaricate, to put on a mask, pretend to be not himself, had all. To someone this mask is long-rooted, ingrained in the pores of the skin and they say memorized words, shouts a standard phrase. Gordon Comstock lost. Long live ficus.

Attention! This book is not public domain in the USA, so You can only buy this book.


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