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Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan Livingston SeagullAn unusual book with lots of meanings, on the verge of philosophy. It is multifaceted, yet simple, but to capture for themselves the main idea was not so easy. For myself, I decided that the book is about how to achieve excellence, no matter what you do. Most importantly, know what you want and try to achieve this.

As Jonathan – he wanted to fly perfectly, to reveal all its possibilities, and he was not afraid of banishment from the pack, to go against the rules and laws of society and to begin self-improvement. Of course, this does not mean that you need to go against all conceivable laws and regulations, but you need to remember that social values and standards is not a law written anywhere, but only the opinion of a large number of people, and the exile and misunderstanding – this is just an attempt of big companies to protect themselves from something new and different.

So, Jonathan and his disciples showed the pack that the way out of their comfort zone is possible and will bring a lot of interesting – even a Seagull with a sick wing be able to fly. And what I learned from this book is that sometimes only costs to convince himself of something, and it will become real. Whether it be bad or good, but it will. Of course, you need to understand that this book has many meanings, but the idea that I saw is very relevant, not only for me personally but also for modern society, which tends not to endorse something that is a bit different from the usual foundations. I think this book is worth to give every person that it is understood that it is not necessary to “expel” those who something different from the gray mass – even a “rogue” can teach gray mass fly.