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Jane Eyre

Jane EyreOld majestic Dornfelder, hiding behind the gentle hills and moorland. It would seem to me to be how I left it last night – illuminated by the gleams of the setting sun, wandering at the battlements. Before my eyes stretched a Park, crossed by hundreds of sandy paths, the giver of coolness and rest for the weary traveler under the shadow of old trees, bushes of hawthorn and dog rose. And when the heart is filled with quiet happiness, so nice to enter the garden, where the grass with a quiet thud fall ripe apples and in a shady corner by the bench, stands a chestnut tree, split in two by lightning. And then, beating a wide estate, rooms decorated in the fashion of the last century, but not without a special enchantment, and out on the veranda, I see Jane…

So often it happens that one has long been a favorite book inevitably drags the other, not less valuable. And now Elizabeth Bennet with enthusiasm and a smile was brought to me Jane Eyre. The novel of Charlotte Bronte is easy to find in many mandatory and not just lists. Reviews of it now and then flashed in the tape, disarming scenes from favorite movies. Perhaps that’s why I don’t want to touch its contents. Yes, still lazy and will get to know himself. I would like to say a few words about Jane.

In different years and different periods of reading I was getting closer to understanding her character, and it seems, finally, stood next to her, face to face. And now look at her not without its share of delight. After all, its essence, it constitutes an example of the power of will and spirit, one that can only original. It is similar to the cane, which is under the influence of the storm that bends and sways in different directions, but does not break. Proudly looking at the heights of the azure sky and rising higher and higher. After all, with the birth of Jane so many times fall under the influence of the wind of fate. Impressionable, but closed by nature, she initially becomes subject to the abuse and neglect imposed by his family, but not bows the knee, not flattering and not Crouch.

Intelligent beyond his years, Jane understands that there is no self-sacrifice does not make her a member of the ambitious family of reed. Only indifference and cruelty of Sarah reed and cousins and brother are a holdover from the impending storm. Because soon it will pick up the new rush and carry away, under cover of the Lowood school for girls. Young Jane waiting for the deprivation and destitution, cold and hunger, but it will be friendship – a bright flash in the dark sky. Going to be a hard decision and it will be a long road. Until one day in the fog and an old favorite of England, among the trees, strewn with rooks ‘ nests, does not seem, dornfeld. He promises peace and happiness, promises a quiet and secluded life.

It would seem dive into this bliss and stay … but as soon as there is an old mansion, as soon found skeletons in the closets, the dark corridors hung with tapestries rooms. The real mystery, not without some kind of desperate madness… And the wind tends again and again, hugs the ground, spreads the wastelands. And clean and pure Jane, is able to talk about the pathetic society under the arches of Thornfield without bile and envy, which would be justified, we must submit to fate. And would you like her looking into his eyes personal happiness, again to pull out? To flee, valuing their pride, their honor, remembering the Christian commandments? Would after lifting the head?

But the power of Jane is, of course, not only in the ability to bear hardships, but to be above someone else’s indifference, anger, revenge. To be able to forgive and forget the offense, even if the person, once the guy who threw on parapet of life, called to himself with the desire to comfort his conscience before he died. His spiritual purity it will save and then when God decides to test her riches. Here are just some value the money before the ability to have a family? For her sake, Jane is able to go to a lot, but will never deceive your heart. For me the novel “Jane Eyre” the novel about the character – strong, steady before the storm life’s troubles.

As a teenager, the days of romantic sentiment, it seemed to me that this book is about love (the story of an insane occupant of the house order excited me), but now, with a significant break, I understand that love story does not seem as bright and important as the evolution of the main character. Girls that timid creature turns into a confident nature. Not afraid of human judgment, unbiased looks at the society and can be guided not only common sense, but the best of feelings.