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Ivanhoe: A Romance by Walter Scott

Ivanhoe A Romance by Walter ScottWalter Scott is considered the father of historical novel. His works are distinguished by the fact that does not show any historical event in format of dry text with chronology and facts. Scott draws a certain era through his character through his life, and often this character is a real person that once existed in the annals of history. For example, Richard the Lionheart – hero of this book.

The novel is set in the XII century, it describes the conflict between Anglo-Saxons and Normans, when in the whole of England reigned confusion, polyarchy and strife. It took courage and valour, the present knight’s courage and devotion to the country, to defend and win. In the face of King Richard Scott has shown exactly what the Lord wanted the people of England: a noble, strong, decisive and wise.

Quite interestingly constructed the course of the novel. The author chooses the story line, brings it up to a certain point, then switches to another, which eventually intersects with the first in any large-scale event (for example, the siege of the castle Torquilstone which describes in detail the main and secondary characters and the way they got here). Also interesting is the reception of the description characteristic features of the unknown heroes without names their names, allowing the reader to guess about their personalities and names. Thus, Richard the lion Heart appears in the novel quite early (first third), but the reader can guess his identity only towards the end, where it reveals its secret.

Very rich English folklore, colorful story about a true knight of the way, weaves eroticism and political intrigue. These seemingly not in harmony between the narrative strands with great skill tied in a very interesting and beautiful site. He’s not hard, easy and quite heavy. The farther it unleash, the more captures the process. This story is slightly fictional, slightly truthful, but definitely not boring!

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