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Ireland: Awakening by Edward Rutherford

Ireland Awakening by Edward RutherfordHistorical novel – a genre of uniquely complex. The reader will not only have to separate the wheat of truth from the chaff of fiction, but also have time to watch the unfolding fate of the characters, which in this literature are calculated by generations. The writer is also not easy. His task is to weave a beautiful canvas from dry historical facts and thrilling fictional events, while maintaining the balance between them; the author needs to captivate the reader and not to offend the historian.

This genre requires extensive knowledge on the subject, the ability to tell interesting and respect to historical truth, not to get another «Viking». With that in mind, readers proceed to the reading of the book «Ireland: Awakening» by Edward Rutherfurd. And here’s the thing: it seems a serious work of collecting historical data, the characters in the story are more than enough, even nature is beautifully described… But overall the novel is very fascinated. Not the last role in this played a style of storytelling.

Edward Rutherfurd neglects literary techniques to historical facts easier to digest by the reader, sometimes even the feeling that read a story about ancient ancient times. However, the author does not adhere to this style throughout the text, and places the story becomes a lengthy and even tedious. One gets the impression that you are a teacher in the fifth generation, the dock in your theme, a storehouse of interesting facts and he wants to share his knowledge.