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Invisible Monsters

Invisible MonstersPalahniuk takes for his works is not always “comfortable” topics, and the manner of constructing a plot can also cause rejection to be able to adapt and then quietly out minus this fact will turn into a plus. Very intriguing and quite tough, able to win over the beginning of the story sets its rhythm and you begin to travel with the main character Shannon is a former model, on behalf of which the narration is conducted, maimed and externally, and suffers from mental anguish that it causes no less suffering, not only in the country but in her memoirs that jump from past to present, then in the distant past, back almost to the very end.

At first this discouraged and baffled, trying to grasp what is going on and why who is who and why should they? But sometimes for Frank banter and outrageous characters emerges the drama of one and many, when everyone has their own pain and tragedy that make up that situation, the node that cannot be resolved, only to be cut “live” to live on. As often happens, a beautiful cover and attractive luster, the world of fashion, art and money often lurks much that shocks, frightens, causing to recoil. And in fact, is not so serene as it might seem at first glance.

And sometimes people who are accustomed to the increased attention or Vice versa thirst for it, not avoid anything, wanting shocking and deeds running counter to the morals of society to involve him as much as possible, forgetting that this may be followed by self-destruction. Behind the apparent outrageousness of the author, and using the fact that do not be to everyone’s taste , in abundance scattered through the text here and there (transvestites, homosexuals, drugs, etc.) hides or lurks many other topics, important for every feeling, loving human being, whether family, education, relationships with parents or brothers and sisters, between a man and a woman, friendship, love and loyalty. And the rest is just background to stronger shade that is most valuable and necessary for everyone. Try to read, separating the wheat from the chaff and then you will see much that is hidden at first glance.