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Inferno (Robert Langdon)

Inferno (Robert Langdon)From previous works, this book is clearly different. Instead of going into the symbolism and often too flimsy conspiracy theories brown focuses specifically on the story the adventures of Langdon and – of course – his lovely new girlfriend with a huge IQ. The action again takes us to Europe, where he developed this, not afraid of such a statement, global history.

In General, according to brown’s books I have the impression that the author seeks out the hours of topical social issues, tying them cleverly to certain number of facts from Wikipedia and then gave the flag in his hands Tom Hanks … sorry, Robert Langdon. I hope that “Inferno” hands of Hollywood will make it soon. Perhaps the theme of Dante closer to me personally than the history of Freemasons, so I took the idea of the novel positively. Moreover, the somewhat convoluted puzzles I solved a couple of chapters before the main characters that could not fail to flatter me (and thereby increasing my loyalty to the product!). But dive into the analysis of Dante brown is not engaged, so the book reads very easily. Boring and pointless chapters quite small, pathetic endings of chapters.

The only drawback for me was a line of Sienna Brooks. Besides the fact that her genius IQ does not show almost all the time, I don’t like the ending to which it came. Probably a variant of brown’s more humane and correct (especially if we take into account the philosophy of Dante), but as the reader I would like something more dramatic.