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IliumThe novel consists of some absolutely stunning bestiary of the vast number of entities with the changed internal characteristics. Numerous weaving of Homer, Shakespeare, Proust and other literary classics are scattered throughout the piece, wrapped in colored sheets the skill of Simmons.

People feed for mythical creatures, human emotional robots from Jupiter, snickering research Gods, crazy talking poems Caliban trapped on the space station, along with Prospero, high technology and human stupidity, cultureless barbarians in the form of an ancient hero, Odysseus as the Messiah for aging of human civilization.

Zeus, Athena, Ageless, Professor Thomas, orfu, marmot, daemon, Caliban…
All these characters of the three lines diverge and come together for a great event. And you know, I admit that the plot sometimes might appear to be a curious, if not those deep thoughts that it laid. And this, of course, matters. We are talking about wars and people who consider themselves entitled to decide the fate of others, to decide life and death, a sort of “gods” out of the blue. On friendship, purpose in life and high technology, is a reductio ad absurdum. On the road to global civilization development and personal self-development that does not require great cost, but very necessary for each person.