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Ice Hunt

Ice HuntJames Rollins (James Paul Czajkowski) is the author of ambiguous. On the one hand, what he writes? Under pseudonym James Rollins he published adventure thrillers, under the name James Clemens-fantasy. It would seem that “serious literature” here and does not smell. On the other hand, his adventure thrillers (I will only talk about them, because fantasy this author is not familiar) is actually adventure and really thrillers.

Perhaps they will seem monotonous: the main character gets somewhere, it’s all bad and scary, at the cost of great sacrifices and incredible efforts he manages to overcome obstacles and break free. Still have to be a woman main character – decent, with strong character, in one word «athlete, Komsomol and simply beautiful». But isn’t this scheme built most movies of this genre? I don’t just compare Rollins ‘ books to movies – they’re really very cinematic. Read the book, and feel in a dark auditorium in front of the screen, which is…. Three hours of movie (or book) pass unnoticed.

«Ice Hunt» is no exception. This is a very dynamic book. I suspect that a lot of mistakes, assumptions and manipulation of the facts. But for a man, far from Geology, biology and other natural Sciences all seemed more or less logical. Yes, to be honest, I didn’t want to seek out inconsistencies and blatant nonsense. When I chose the novel, I expected a high-quality, bright, adventurous picture and decided not to pay attention to detail. I just chose to dive into the world created by the author on the page of his book and accept it as it is. This book is an excellent companion on a long and tedious journey. I assure you, time will pass quickly.

Most importantly, do not miss the point of disembarkation. There are, of course, some points that make me skeptical about the book. Because the idea was – if in these things the author is clearly messed up, how he screwed up in topics unknown to me. I mean the fact that Russian names hard for him to handle. It seems to be the correct derivation, and tried it, but still not horrible. There may be scientific justification of the setting in the Arctic circle is not as smooth as it seems unenlightened reader. “Iceberg” – not a deep study of human psychology, adequately prescribed characters are not here, the characters seem a bit cardboard and sometimes not quite adequate. But what are the fractures of the plot! Whatever, chase, shootout, fleeing. All this is so dynamic that, I’m not afraid to say it, keeps the reader in suspense until the last pages. Of course, the good old American tradition all the puzzles in the end were solved, chewed and put in your mouth listening to the reader. But for me remains one mystery – what is the meaning of carry the inscriptions on Inuit made at the beginning of each Chapter.