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Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos, Book 1)

Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos, Book 1)Six pilgrims – priest, soldier, scientist, detective, poet and Consul. They have a Templar and a baby. They go on distant Hyperion to unravel the mystery of the tombs of Hyperion, to find out the secret of the deity of Pain and Suffering – Shrike. Each of them had their own reason to fly a Hyperion. But most importantly of all called himself the Shrike. Each of them will tell a big story of his life, his pain, his sufferings and hopes, each of them will tell you why he needs to get to the Time Tombs to meet the Shrike.

Each of the six stories deserves a separate novel. All the characters are very alive, and every cell can feel their pain. They all faced the Shrike.
No longer the Old Ground, a great Network, a lot of planets scheduled network. And space is inconceivable. What time tombs… All waiting for the moment when the Tomb opens, waiting with fear, no one knows what’s in them and what will change in this world with their discovery. The fate of the poet, soldier, newborn girl, a Consul, a priest and a detective connected with the Shrike, Cristoforo, each of them somehow christened the Shrike, the cruciform and that’s a lot more of a curse than a blessing. Everyone is your cruciform, and everyone should make this pilgrimage in order to understand something and maybe fix in my life and loved ones.

The beginning of a great story. The beginning ends with the fact that the pilgrims are to the destination. The entire first novel was dedicated to their stories about themselves. Very humanitarian novel, the center of which the Man and the mystery of the Universe.