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Hush by Kate WhiteA good novel is when you get the pleasure of reading. A good Thriller is when you’re afraid, worried, but get pleasure from the fact that everything that happens is not happening to you. Probably, in this respect, Kate White was able to hook me as a reader.

Female and completely understandable fears – concern for own child, mutilated beloved cat, steps outside the door, the midnight calls, the corpse in the bed… However, this leads enough not for long. First disappointment – the style. While reading felt that reading a school essay. So I wanted to grab the red paste and edit phrase, delete the duplicates, put notes in the margins in places particularly illogical actions or inconsistencies.

The second disappointment was caught when the couple first sharp enough heads were replaced with boring adventures of the main character’s Affairs clinic, where she worked, appointments, talks and escapes from the police. The final completely finished off! Wish long and to openly resent invented a murderer and a motive. it would be wrong. And here goes… the Idea was, the author was held, the beginning was a success, and then not enough power. Why? …