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How to Talk to a Widower

How to Talk to a WidowerImagine Billy Joel sitting next to you right now. Sitting there, sweating and stuffy breathing. Strong lights a cigarette in disgust, take off bare thighs from the chair, looks closely and asks, “Well, sing something?”. And you sit and realize that all of his work do not understand. Although previous the was that need to. You so accurately say: “bill, let’s try again here is that, well, that was just. She’s cool.” Bill’s shrugging his shoulders, putting out a cigarette, and kicking a slightly frustrated piano. And in a second you hear “Some love is just a lie of the heart…”again.

And you sit and you realize, that here is canvassed Billy Joel sits, smokes their stinking cigarettes and sings its a matter of trust. Or maybe something else is singing, because it will still be Billy Joel, who sits at your piano and sings very good, sincere songs. Someone, of course, will say “Yes how many can be the already, about one and same..”. But once again to hear from Billy Joel, that love exists – what else you need? Joe Troper is unlikely to be able to sit down at the instrument and sing like that. Instead, he writes the same book over and over again.

Interestingly, value was about the same: love, friendship, family. If he were an artist, for example, he would come to lake Michigan and paint watercolors every day as the sun sets. Sounds a lot cooler than sitting on a laptop and making novels. But, in the end, the meaning is the same. Tropper still very lucky with his main character, who wanders from novel to novel.

This character – sometimes he really looks like the Dude Coen brothers, sometimes the best dramatic roles of De Niro. Personally, I like this guy, I’d love to get him into some stupid situation, then to sit and remember laughing all the vicissitudes of over a beer. I have and sometimes be more serious, more Mature. But somehow sincere, creative and sometimes wacky things with drive closer to me. And, as luck would have it, they now have a serious deficit.

All the books of Tropper, including “how to communicate with a widower” – this is a very good example of what a self-writer should be in work, especially when the writer repeatedly does not impose a serious problem, but simply writes about sincere and living people. And even if someone gets tired, but there is a more philosophical question – whom does not suffice. The world of values, which promotes Tropper, just not enough. Yeah, I know it’s not very original, but imagine this.