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Horns: A Novel by Joe Hill

Horns A Novel by Joe HillThis is a book about love, about friendship, about betrayal, about family, about brothers. About how much in us evil within, the evil we are not told, just because we are restrained by civilization, fear of becoming an outcast in society, the rejection of others, and so forth, not out of kindness. How many lies among relatives of people who are not always together because I love, because I feel kinship, but only because it obliges the society.

And where do these emotional outbursts? They result in irritation, unwillingness to see someone, know about him, even the desire to crush. But these words do not slip. They can hear the devil, our inner demon, our second self, that’s the true, ugly, vicious, but existing. And know this about people, and indeed about the people, it is very hard, sometimes not under force, and the man with horns. But not all are!

There is in this story and very nice people who have a secret – bright, kind, full of tender love and devotion. The girl was killed, brutally murdered, and who did it and why, around this detective story and turns novel. And then we will survive and someone else’s transformation, and death, and pain and childhood, and fragile desire to trust and to believe sacred, and disappointment, love and loss. How creepy to know the true attitude of people to each other, and to themselves, to see this terrible human nature, usually closed, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

If there are such feelings, sooner or later somehow it will manifest. They, too, need a way out. It is a sad story about love, about sacrificial love, very gentle, strong, irresistible. This is a book about errors that inevitably makes people. Joe Hill is a brilliant author, who in the pages of his novel can convey all range of emotions the characters in his book.


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