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Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell

Homage to Catalonia by George OrwellIt’s memories are what they are. It’s a piece of his past life. It’s six months, lived in Spain. This time Spain is in the blood. This Frank and heartfelt story and an inside look at all events in that period. Maybe not so objective, but George Orwell turned out to tell so heartfelt and penetrating that are willing to believe him.

Even more than that – absolutely everyone can feel it. As if all drawn pictures come to life and gain the volume. Readers gnashed their teeth, reading about politics and all of her disgusting moves. It is dirty, it is vain, it is all vanity of vanities and, however, people have died, rot in prison… And still believe in the best. Grey and dismal tone, terrible cold, mud, blood, feces… And all for what!? Then to live not better, or worse? Why people’s desire for equality and freedom is doomed to luck?

Where in humans does all this vile shit? Why so much filth, ferocity and anger? Why break out here and there pockets of wars? Why is it so hard to try to hear each other? Where human society to find so much wisdom, that in all the world was the WORLD (pardon the tautology)? And who can guarantee, that at any moment over our head is going to explode a bomb? All of a sudden. Where, it would seem, now all serene, quiet and peaceful…

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