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Hearts of Three by Jack London

Hearts of Three by Jack LondonThose who are familiar with the work of Jack London, but did not read the «Hearts of Three», it is a bit surprising. We’re used to London, who by his works shows the plight of man when fate breaks it by throwing in the most incredible situations. In this regard, Jack London is almost always vividly portrayed the heroism, the endurance, the onslaught of a man in difficulties. In this work we are watching with interest the events that are more adventurous than heroic.

Easy to read, beautifully written and exciting, the novel, which tells about the search of untold treasures of the pirate Henry Morgan hid out in Panama. The text works are imbued with subtle humour, subtle but noticeable. The romantic component is also written well, with several primitive strokes, with a terribly annoying heroine, in love with two men (never could understand HOW this is possible). There is a hint of detective line, which is not particularly intriguing.

Chase, shooting, dangerous and treacherous villains, passionate, all-consuming love and the sense of duty, courage and honor, treasure hunt – all this you will find in the book. Plus a nice style of Jack London, which is so graceful, to feel pleasure, but not enough to get tired of it unnatural.

A rich young man, Francis Morgan, a descendant of the famous pirate goes in search of the treasure of his ancestor, on the way finds his brother, love, a lot of adventure, and of course, wealth. Francis during his trip makes many fair deeds. He is beautiful, noble, and friends, his beautiful, noble, and the eyes of all are burning with indignation at the mere rumor of injustice.

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