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Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Heart-Shaped Box by Joe HillThe novels of Joe Hill is built on the assumption of the same mystical element in the world as we know it, just one. But this item is irreparably changing the world and the lives of the characters. Jude Coyne is a successful rock musician, whose group broke up several years ago in connection with the tragic events. It is well secured, owns a record company and, despite a reclusive life, still confuses the minds and musical tastes of adolescents and young people their gloomy hardcore songs. And I pulled the hell to buy his collection of items associated with death, the Ghost. Bloodthirsty spirit determined to kill Jude and anyone who recklessly decide to stand up for him.

«Heart-Shaped Box» is not just the horrors which open the eyes, develops a fear of the wilderness, and the voice becomes hoarse only dust. It’s amazing in its black-and-white energy the story of that crippled people are able to save themselves, to remove from the face the dark veil of the past, to find happiness and to find peace. This is a story that any mystery once, but will be revealed, it’s the combination of precise proportions mysticism, the brutal reality in the packaging of high-quality style and dynamic development of the plot.

And when behind the interchange and the last page, you say thoughtfully to myself that chasing a Ghost, scary scenes of attempted escape – all this is in fact not as important as the story of the characters themselves, where the fore love, loyalty, ability to find the strength to let through past nightmares and volumes protocols-error experience to move on to the light and silence of Genesis, throwing the eye a black patch.


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