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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

In my late 30s I finally began touring with the legendary Harry Potter! Well, better late than never. She read the first book and are in good spirits in connection with impressions from reading and anticipating reading the next books in the series. In anticipation of the approaching New Year, I wanted something fabulous and magical, and old Harry did not disappoint! JK Rowling writes great, easy to understand, well, where without the subtle humor and funny descriptions! The book is good, fabulous and of course children, however, by the end of the novel events begin to take a serious turn, and it becomes clear that storm clouds are gathering over Harry and his friends.

I read and felt a part of this wonderful book. I got used with the heroes along with Gryffindors looking down at the Slytherin despising Malfoy with their delusions thoroughbred and learning the secrets of the magical world. Now I’m almost 19. I have a lot to look through very different eyes. But this book forever in my heart. Forever a favorite, read-re-read dozens of times. I’m sure that a lot of times will read it, and with no less pleasure than the first time. Yes, this book was written primarily for children. But if you look at it, get a grasp! There affected are not children’s questions about eternity. In a story about a boy wizard denunciation of life’s great truths. © LeRoRiYa

Re-reading Harry Potter you come back to visit friends who you’ve known for a long time and as you see it, thoroughly. The book is not childish, evil influences personality Rowling already in the air, and the question that arises almost immediately is quite natural. Why the first dead body is considered to be Cedric Diggory, if in the first part we already have a horrible death almost innocent Quirell? Punishment in the form of a walk in the Forbidden Forest with a height of seven books seems a very strange act from the point of view of pedagogy, and everything else – school competitions, experiences Harry that he was kicked out, relatives of Harry, and everything seems frivolous nonsense. Ron – chess player who plays much better than Harry and Hermione – this is something you can believe, but not that he can win in the magic chess Macgonagle. © Shishk

And again I went to good old Hogwarts. In the childhood book about Harry Potter passed me (then I do fantasy, not loved), but now, as if making up for lost time, I come back to them. Especially for the first favorite. The one that I read twice in a row, unable to stay (Yes, even when it happened to me?!) The one that tightens to your magical world and does not want to let go. And this desire, frankly, no – to “let go”.

Because inside this book, good. Cozy. Interesting. Fun. And at every step, waiting for adventure and new discoveries, even if you already know it almost by heart. There is friendship and enmity. There are transformation spells (how come every time I want to spell it a little more! But no, Rowling with the unmistakable flair leaves the reader “a little hungry” so he was more eager than ever to learn something else). There flying on a broomstick and an owl mail. There Albus Dumbledore, my favorite Professor McGonagall and Severus Snape (with all due respect to all the translators, you leave his name alone!) Live portraits there and at least live steps. © an_cat