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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanAbout the deadly horror, unusual movements and characteristics of certain Pets. And I went again. It has become a good tradition and continue her another four months. Of course, then it will be darker and darker… and yet you can never stop. The flywheel time is running, I failed in the past and now need to read it all again, from beginning to end… And to enjoy a triple combination of her favourite books, a magical atmosphere and no less magical art the reader.

This part is again a little “older” than the previous one. Still great Rowling managed to make their books Mature along with her characters. The transition is a smooth that immediately and not even tell the difference, but it certainly is.

First, this book, unlike the previous two, it does not end a definite happy ending. It’s a little more complicated. It seems to be a good end, and at the same time, everything happened not as we would like. This is not the case when “all the bad punished and the good rewarded”. But, on the other hand, this part is still full of kindness and belief that Dumbledore is all powerful and, of course, all razrulit.

Secondly, and the attitude of the characters is not so unambiguous. This is especially true in regard to Severus Snape. Begin to understand the origins of his behavior, his character, learn a little more about it… and partly involuntarily begin to move to his side. And some other heroes, hitherto as if surrounded by a romantic aura, you begin to acquire traits of reality. Including not the best.

Third, the more complicated the relationships become between the main characters. Remaining themselves, they evolve. And more and more sympathy is Hermione your ability to think critically, to distinguish the present, manage your time, not to forget the others and come to the rescue in a difficult moment. Ron places are beginning to openly piss off. And Harry himself sometimes, too. But the better. They are all different, nobody is perfect, and those “alive” and dearer they become. And the story itself…. It is, as always, excellent.

Well-built plot, lots of interesting magic items, and not very useful lessons of magic, cute and not-so-new and old heroes (Professor Lupin!), vile and terrifying Dementors and a wonderful ginger cat, over whose nickname as soon as are not perverted by the translators. In General, almost ideal, if only… There is, unfortunately, for me the fly in the ointment.

This is the trick that J. K. Rowling used to exit from a situation at the end of the book. Still stand by my opinion that it was in vain. No, in this book, everything turned out fine – an unexpected turn, the reasonableness of all the details – but that’s part of the whole cycle… Raises many questions. Just remember the funny video “How should have ended Harry Potter”. Very much this topic is complex and slippery and risky to use it. Because the temptation is: if it was possible then, why in other cases?.. Or tried to, but it turned out worse? About the author mysteriously silent. And the rest… I was once again subdued.