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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixStill, the first impression is not cheating. When I read the series about Harry Potter for the first time, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” seemed the least interesting book of all. And I must say that over the years my opinion has not changed. If viewed separately from the others, the book is good, but in comparison with other still loses. Really loses in my eyes! If when reading/listening to the first four parts I have never had any feelings of boredom and I didn’t even think of anything to be distracted, so I captured what is happening here, to my great regret, there are many “but”. Constant feeling of the slowness, and sometimes a strange feeling that the same thing is repeated several times. Similar dialogue, similar scenes. Not saying that this is true, but the impression remains that way.

Harry repeatedly subjected to blows from many different perspectives. A considerable share of negativity, not only in his life but in the life of Hogwarts, brings the Ministry of Magic and, in particular, Professor Umbridge was the devil in a pink blouse with a monstrously hypocritical icy sweet smile. But a really strong emotional shock, our hero will experience in the final book when enchanting, sparkling (of course) bloody battle with the death eaters and thus, Who and All In the Same Spirit. And here it will have so much to someone physically, someone mentally.

Even Dumbledore later will get a fair amount of anger Harry. And that the reader can see. On the one hand – incredible adversity, trials and hardships endured by the young Harry. On the other – completely obnoxious and sometimes disgusting his behavior is completely against all others, and friends who had the misfortune to fall under the hand of the Potter. He is always very irritable, intolerant of interlocutors, often flies into a rage and tear your anger on someone you have to, until the Director of Hogwarts, which, by the way, smashing the office!

Well, this is a new part of his character, caused partly by teenage maximalism and the consequence of the severe shocks and losses. However, the attentive reader still understands that originally motivates the main character is the main difference from the Dark Lord – love. Rowling growing up with his Saga about the very talented Potter made it important and very realistic emotional aspect of breaking up nature of a teenager. Let Harry me, for example, is not too much (for me there are more cute characters), however, one cannot deny the drama, realism and, overall, a more emotional narrative, thanks to this author.