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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceAnd here is the 6 book of the exciting series about the boy who lived, behind. And immediately, without introductions will say that the book has become my best and favorite series! This is the first book about Harry Potter, I cried! I couldn’t stop. I read it and tears flowed from his eyes straight to the subway. And I couldn’t put the book home. Magic kept me! Otherwise I can’t explain it.

This book reveals some mysteries, which we saw from the first books. The reader is given a chance to get to know Tom riddle, who later became the Dark Lord. We learn a terrible secret and understand that now its even harder to kill. By the way, in this book we will not see Volan de mort in today’s time. We are allowed only to follow the past. For the past of his ancestors. But his servants, the death eaters – more than enough! They haunt us at every step. Again here the situation is repeated when Harry the entire book thinking one thing, talking about it Dumbledore, to his friends, only no one believes him. And he has one to cope with this situation.

But it is not clear why no one believes him? I’ve personally from book to book believe his fears and doubts. And in the book one gets the feeling that it all held for a little boy who can’t be trusted. Severus Snape finally reveals itself. And then doubts assailed from the first book, you should believe them or not. Only pity is never explained why Dumbledore trusted him SO! I hope this secret will be reveal in 7 book series. And somehow illogical. By the way, in this series, Harry meets the Prince-the half-breed. He finds interesting spells for making potions and dangerous spells.

Once we started talking about spells, I do not understand why some of the spells sound interesting (Avada Kedavra, Expecto Patronus), and the other usual (the guardian, oglohnu). The author (or translators) fantasy is not enough? I live a discomfort of some kind. Before reading the book I got a terrible spoiler from one blogger (who stopped watching) on this book! I mean, I knew what was going to happen, but I didn’t know how. Therefore, the incident still has me in shock. And to say how much I hate one of the characters in the book – nothing to say! Haven’t felt such hatred for the heroes of the books!


I don’t know what to do Snape to rehabilitate in my heart. I just so not understand why everyone loves him? Or so I thought? And he will not change? In General hate it! In this series more emphasis on love. Someone manages to consider in the old other their Love, and someone finds a completely new person, which is not waiting for some pleasure of the senses. It is interesting to observe the constant quarrels Roma and Hermione. Harry is torn between two fires! And I admired the friendship of the characters!

The description of the present deed describes real friends only in the last pages, and takes only a page, but I’m delighted! And only in such moments, you realize that real friendship exist! (Not just books) Just reading this part of the series, I realized that someday I would return to this magic books and read them all without interruption! Prior to that, I have no desire to read the book. And as usual, after reading I watched the film. Fans of Harry Potter, tell us how you can love???? I understand the film not accommodate half of the book!

But if you do an adaptation, then do the conscience, and do not change something! And I think those who have not read the book, the film will prove to be incomprehensible and remain a mystery. In the film not a word about quidich! Although the picture makes you want to watch, quidich perfect! Quarrels are Ron and Hermione too, just a couple of words. Oh, and talking of Draco Malfoy and Dumbledore generally cut the most can not! Although the book took about 15-20 pages. In General, the film as a whole is terrible compared to the book. And I still wonder why I continue to watch each movie after reading! I can write a lot more about the book! Because I was really hooked! The adult part, with a huge meaning. It’s not just life in a magical school! It’s Love, friendship, war, justice, and betrayal! Is Harry Potter I like a lot more!