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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireDrowned in twilight tent city will be lit up with thousands of lights. Discover ahead the construction of truly colossal, blinding gold high walls and covering the inside field, which could accommodate more than a dozen cathedrals. Rave sighs, fussy movements, tremors on one side and the other, rising in the air, the tension, whistles and the cries of impatient fans. Crazy, spontaneous crowd will carry me in the direction of the facilities of the stadium, which from minute to minute will unfold the game is really incredible – world quidich.

A hasty step over the bright purple carpet up the stairs leading to a small box at the highest point of the stadium. But just get used to the surrounding splendour, a riot of colors, a thousand excited voices, as the tribune will vzrevut with an even greater fury. On the field of honor seems the main characters of the event – the Irish and the Bulgarians. Look, there’s Victor Krum! Serious and even frowning, he still had time to make a splash in this match, once again confirming the validity of his glory.

And the game will start soon! Players with virtuosity will cut the air on high-speed broomsticks, the referee will start the balls, a whistle will sound… and on the field will be the real battle. The beaters will be furiously waving bats, protecting their catchers from annoying blogerov. The hunters skillfully to get away from opponents trying to score a goal against team opponent. Goalkeepers carefully to protect the gate, and… catchers and catchers to perform aerobatics in an attempt to catch the precious nimble Snitch. The ensuing spectacle – a dynamic, bright, and of course remembered only… as here I got?!

I did not immediately understand that again changed the measurement. And not a moment remember how we reached home, wrapped in a warm blanket and poured a Cup of coffee with milk. All of this will remain there, far away, and will be quite unimportant, while in my hands is another great book about the adventures of the boy who lived, until that page is wonderful rustling close at hand, while I again and again feel like a child. It just so happened that the book of John. Rowling the adventures of Harry Potter to happen, in my opinion, in a specific pattern: Harry arrives at Hogwarts, faced with something inexplicable, enters into an unequal battle, emerges victorious, waking up in the hospital wing.

The plot is decorated with a generous proportion of parts, the author will throw at the heroes remarkable share of twists and turns, but if you look past the side of the line, the scheme in reality will be simple. So, the plot of the fourth book rejects tradition and chooses a completely unique path. After all, Hogwarts will host the Triwizard Tournament! Event interesting, dangerous, and as a consequence, a very attractive… Guess who will take part in it?

To the deployment of the characters added a number of new characters: Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour, Madame Maxime, Director karkarov, teacher of defense against the dark arts mad-Eye Moody. To expand spatial boundaries, and now, magical universe will grow to the scale of several magic schools. Carefully, with feeling and tact, John.Rowling gave every new character a lively character and a little history, meanwhile, will show Harry, Ron, and Hermione grow and change. Former shyness disappears, there are new interests associated with the opposite sex in particular. The task in front of them are difficult.

The fourth part looks most interesting, thanks to the Triwizard Tournament, even thick volume and long-awaited resurrection of the Volan de mort. The first corpse through the center of raguenet and childishness of the series, on the background of unreal events, however, painted a series of new and interesting incidents. Although purely aesthetically, the early death of many Pattinson would be pleased.

Would not have been any Dusk and warped Gorga duroy. Shaking and crying Bertie Crouch Jr. was sent to Azkaban, in fact, is maniacally devoted and the best servant Volan de mort. Long procedure with its subsequent introduction into Hogwarts under the guise of mad-Eye Moody – only the initial stage in a cleverly designed senile and illogical terms of Volan de mort in the luring of Harry Potter the goblet of Fire, which is actually a teleport.

In what was a year to suffer, for some reason, to teach young wizards Defense against the Dark Arts, to do many useful things for school and Harry Potter, because it was possible to organize somehow it is much easier, faster and more affordable. But then it would not even “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire”.