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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of SecretsDespite the fact that Dobby tried to help Harry and he almost did it a few times did not killed, he still leaves behind a pleasant impression. And this phrase: “master gave Dobby a sock, now Dobby is free” for me, it became a cult. And what was the facial expression of the Dobby) Harry Potter is a wonderful boy and the life he is awesome too. I though for a moment, too, would very much like to be in Hogwarts to meet Dumbledore, the wise and chat with Ron and Hermione.

I so love this magical wonderful world created by the mother of Ro that I probably would’ve done anything to get there, if it were possible. I fell in love with the series of these books and not for the first time I’ve read them over and over again and I still wasn’t tired. Unlike many other works, who happens to like to read the first time, but the second is not come, the books by JK Rowling, on the contrary, it’s getting more interesting to read.

Even the second book is already noticeable that it has become “Mature”. This is correct, because the characters are also older, and at the same time a little sorry. Sorry to lose the feeling just arrived to Hogwarts freshman who looks wide-open, delighted eyes, around surprised and constantly waiting for new wonders.

Now these veteran sophomores already shudder at the sight of living portraits not worried at the thought of the first flight on a broom. But they learn how to brew Polyjuice potion, celebrate Halloween in the company of ghosts, fighting with excessively pugnacious wood and make a daring night RAID into the Forbidden Forest. Of course, as before, they put their nose where they do not ask to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and, of course, Harry will again have to come face to face with the Dark Lord.

And which characters… That I always conquered in these books is the abundance of colorful characters, each with their quirks. From Professor Dumbledore and ending with little photographer Colin. I’m not talking about Zlatousta Lockhart ‘ s. Not so often seen on the pages of the book so irritating a subject! And Lucius Malfoy? So a good act arrogant bastard that he wants a standing ovation. And little Dobby, the most incredible ways trying to save the life of Harry Potter? A “hole” Weasley, which is also kind of an independent character? Admit it, is not would you like to look?