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Gregor the Overlander

Gregor the OverlanderGregor is a normal American boy of 11 years. He lives in new York with his mother, grandmother, and two sisters: Margaret Liss and surrounding are more often called Slipper. Overshadows his life is only the absence of his father, who mysteriously disappeared 2-3 years ago, after which the hero forbade yourself to dream and hope, fearing that the hopes will not come true. But once Gregor and Slipper awkwardly in the Laundry falls to the ground, like Alice, fall into a strange realm called Poziomie.

Residents: huge cockroaches, rats, spiders, bats (they are the Greek names are: Ares, Athena, Euripides, Aurora), people with white transparent skin, from under which Shine the vessels (like albinos), purple eyes – called aliens Overhead, and the appearance of strangers occurs, perhaps, once in a hundred years. And it turned out that not only has Gregor and the Shoe was awarded this honor, but shortly before their father, who was captured by the evil rats. Gregor, once elected, needs to find his father and to save the people from ill rodents… Overall the tale is quite traditional: passing tests, making a choice, changing moral hero, learns to look differently at the world. The reaction of Gregor caught away from home: he calls the realm of “settler” does not want to be here at the first opportunity and tries to sneak out.

He’s shy and clumsy, and blushes from a randomly made assumptions (incorrect), there is in it something from Lisovskogo of Eustace, and Tolcinasco Bilbo. In sharp contrast with such tactics behavior and the nature of its open, cheerful sister, who throughout the text and then exclaims: “Barefoot zook!” (cockroach), “How Katase!” (on a bat), “Petange”, “I’m Kaka”, “I pee pee” (that it is time to change diapers, and these complaints at the most inopportune moments it makes). Not to mention Wikus: this old man is not a facilitator but as usual, counselor for young heroes, because he leaves them in the most dangerous situation (as well as Merlin, Gandalf, Dumbledore). The same two characters (I will not name – look it up yourself) destroy the stereotypes that lead the reader to the problem of good and evil combined in one being, the deceptiveness of appearance and behaviour.

I liked the test, which is Gregor, just once in the other world – it is truly folklore: first, it is to clean, secondly, had to get rid of the overhead of smell (“the smell of Russian spirit!” exclaimed Baba Yaga in Russian folk tales, and then sends the hero to the bath and treats in the hut on chicken legs). Despite the war with the rats, the dark world harmonious – at least arranged better than ours.