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Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane

Gregor and the Prophecy of BaneIt’s only been a few months since, as Gregor released his father from captivity rat, and they, along with the Sandal came back home from deepholm. And like life should improve, but the second prophecy is already on the threshold. Rats want revenge, they believe that in order to a huge white rat Mortos destroyed underground, they need to break Gregor. And it can be done only hitting his weak spot – his sister a Sandal. This is why cockroaches who think a Sandal for his Princess to save her, kidnapped her right out of the Park. And Gregor has no choice but to descend into the underground, to get acquainted with the new prophecy, and explore the waterways in search of Murtosa to kill him. But in the end everything turns out as planned…

This is the second book about the adventures of Gregor in the underground. Me this series was requested by niece. She loved it. Though designed book for teenagers, but it caught me, I read with interest.

So, the story of a boy Gregor and his sister in the underworld is not particularly surprised me. All strictly within the laws of the genre, quite a tight plot. However, it seemed to me that for an eleven year old boy Gregor impossibly Mature.