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Gregor And The Marks Of Secret (Underland Chronicles, Book 4)

Gregor And The Marks Of Secret (Underland Chronicles, Book 4)The fourth part of Gregor did not disappoint nor a single letter of the story (except that letters of transfer). Unlike the previous three books, the story of the fourth is a little blurry. He seems to be saying: that’s the Apocalypse happens. The fourth book tells about the adventures of Gregor and his team, who flew to rescue the mice, and stuck in a rut.

Reading “Gregor And The Marks Of Secret”, I caught myself thinking that the number of characters in the series already passes for the second dozen, however, you have not forgotten anyone so vivid characters inhabit the pages of the epic of Gregor. Books about underground cause you to look differently at the world. It seems to me that people always see the world through the prism of the books he is reading at the moment is if the book was good. If the author failed to touch the heart of reader, then you do your household chores and only in the evening spend priceless hours to read another 10-20 pages.

Gregor – book from the first group. It violently imposes to you that twelve-year-old boy – hero who suffers the pain of battle and then running to uphold justice. You and he begin to filter life through the lens of heroism. The problems seem less scary, and you’re ready to boldly rush to solve them. If a book does that to an adult, the child she will change a hundred percent. Susan Collins describes the heavy horrors of the Underdark. Triumph of the entire series was the genocide in the fourth book.

Around a sea of blood, mountains of corpses, while they fall down at the feet of the characters are very cleverly within the age range of 8+. I’m looking forward to the fifth book, although I suspect its about the concept. “The adventures of Gregor” this is the rare case when the event closed language rough language and typos in the book. And gnarled at four hundred pages is enough. If you do not know what verb to apply to the character, write “was”. And I don’t know if Susie rested solely in the narrative of the plot, whether an interpreter on number of plant stands and send it to rats deepholm.