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Green Shadows, White Whale

Green Shadows, White WhaleBradbury does not like fiction offbeat and unusual, but if you tilt in the direction of the bias as the author of science fiction, everything is very good and sometimes very good. Not very large novel with a rather strange structure, which, however, lapped and used, and then, when entering the subject, even enjoy it here that’s all. What is it about? It’s all about? Actually no, not everything, but a lot.

First and foremost, of course, about Ireland, about the love of her hero, not of Irish origin, but very much so in spirit. So, one Sunny day the main character, with a typewriter under one arm coming off the ferry on the emerald Irish coast, where it will have been almost 7 months trying to understand the Irish soul.

Is it possible to call this novel a song about Ireland? Well, perhaps, to some extent, as we call it. Just Ireland itself — as a geographical location, as the island — here are a few. But a lot of Irish people, inhabitants of small towns of this emerald Isle. Not much in the sense that dozens and hundreds and thousands of Irish pounded on the pages of the novel and bustle on the Irish land, but just met during this seven-month trip to Ireland people take a lot of space in this book — it is written about them half the volume, and with them spends a fair amount of time and just the life of the author.

And what and how he writes about those simple, artless, without the cadence of the people, what they talk about with each other and what accidents happen and happen to them and their guests — it is this literary form in which the author tells about all this, most of all tells us about true love ray Bradbury and to this country and to these people. The author does not romanticized and not glorify their Irish counterparts. On the contrary, does ironically and making fun, jokes and pats them on the shoulder.

But! Exactly the same familiar terms his shoulder and engage in all your adventures and the “exploits” of the Irish counterparts, exactly as laughed and pour Guinness, and clink glasses, glasses and glasses, and consider it in his Board guy — as he considers them his friends, and even friends. Because only friends can with such a warm and soulful feeling and confidence to return 40 years later to return and to revive them. And to introduce them to us, his readers.

And probably I would venture to suggest that a single dash of their personalities and pieces of their souls I have seen before in other, already many times read the works of Bradbury — this novel, published in 1992, tells us about the events of the first half of the 1950s, and therefore the traits of the characters encountered by the author of the Irish, and pieces of their souls could get into his later works.

To get and stay there and do the work of Bradbury more recognizable and memorable, colorful and more powerful — no wonder it is in one finger tkni, he will certainly be a fan or at least a reader of Bradbury. There is no magic, and powerful magic, well, nothing happened! The fact that the book is filled with soft muted tones of humor that she aphoristic and anecdotal at the same time (“Cars are like women, you just have to know how they start”), philosophically sophisticated, and with age, the literary talent nor the Bradbury pound is not faded — I haven’t mentioned? As for St. Patrick’s day, in this novel it is never mentioned, not to mention the fact that it is not celebrated! Simple counting and binding at the signs of the seasons (the novel is not dated) suggest that, most likely, creative business trip of ray Bradbury simply not captured this Patriotic Irish green folk festival.