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Go Set a Watchman: A Novel

Go Set a Watchman A NovelJean-Louise for the holidays arrives in the home of Maycomb, in one of the last holdouts of the “old” southern thinking, which is also a wave of confrontation between white and color. It is worth remembering that each state has its own set of laws, principles, and behaviors that are connected at the level of the country is only one very short document – the Constitution. After the war, all of America is flooded with a wave of anti-segregation.

This fight is bloodier of all should go to the South, the last Bastion of “Anglo-Saxon” thinking, as it described Dr. Finch. For all of today’s standards it seems that the southerners had to understand the fairness of the processes. However, on the contrary, they began a fierce resistance, defending the old rules. Jean-Louise, arriving home after a big break, without any preparation to what is happening, becomes a witness of this fight, seeing it from the position of “clear” thinking. Here begins the painful process of breaking ideals.

If Maycomb heroine from the beginning had a low opinion, of the father she idolized. From this and hurt. I loved this conflict, “forefathers”, tied to a creepy religious compound, the age-old prejudices, their own illusions. Glad I read this as a sequel, forgetting about the history and moving away from all dominant last book. Here’s another mood, another time, only problems are all the same. I would even love to have a read and a third, where Jean-Louise was faced not with the world around them, and with myself. All that remained after page, only the flash of shadow at the end. Jean-Louise have to go back home and accept the fact that he is a Finch, living in Maycomb.

To break stereotypes, preconceived understanding of what is human, what he built is incredibly difficult at any age. Take a look at Atticus, the hero, Atticus, is not afraid to speak out against the most part of the city to protect the innocent guy, and to hear from this already elevated to a special person that blacks should know their place and equal rights with white for them can not be – it’s a shock. On the other hand, what do we know about Atticus? Only what I heard, the girl Scout, which Atticus never about segregation and did not speak – he spoke about the law, but the law is Holy, it is unchanged. Not surprisingly, Jean-Louise grew up, never realizing that on the court with the Ewells Atticus was not moved by social justice and respect for the law, and it is around this is not fully understood motive and she has built his perception of the father, and through him the whole world (rights of Jack, after all the world of both novels and Glazastik revolves exclusively around Atticus, he is a key figure on which it equals). And how wonderful that through all of this misunderstanding and broken expectations and attitude these two can still each other to understand and forgive!