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Frost and Fire

Frost and FireWonderful story. About life for 8 days. Yes, in 8 days you can live your whole life from birth to death to catch a lot. Another planet where there were people, so greatly reduced their life, they have to do everything. And learn, to marry, and give birth to their children. And so everything was accelerated, even in the womb children have the telepathy and the memory of the ancestors. Only 8 days people behave exactly the same as 80 years of life.

Waging war, killing each other, jealous, jealous, mad … and fall in love. And only a small community of scientists looking for a way out of this terrible situation. And the main character. The rest resigned themselves to just vegetate. Rejoice in the fact that there is fear to change something, to seek, to believe, to do. No matter how long the moment, it is important at this moment to do something significant, wanted, if not you now, let the future, but to do that, then all is not wasted.

Day – the unbearable heat, freezing cold, and you only live 8 days with the opportunity to leave my cave for a few hours a day. In such circumstances, trying to get through the next 8 days for themselves, for their children and parents. Time is so fleeting – before you know it, the day has passed. But there are those who are willing to sacrifice themselves for future generations.

It is possible to live as long as 11 days or more. However there are very few people – no one wants to waste precious time. On the one hand, they can understand time, and so no. On the other hand, you and your descendants may live longer than you do now. In most cases dominated by selfishness. But there were those who did not want to put up with these 8 days. They accomplished a feat almost with their lives – were able to find a way to prolong life, then returned to the village and called his tribe. They believed and hoped, and their hopes dashed.