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Foundation and Empire

Foundation and EmpireThe second volume of the epic differs from the first. This time the “novel” consists of two separate stories.

The first, “General”, or what is not particularly remarkable – this is another sketch of another difficult phase in the life of Reason is another “Sultanbekova crisis.” Everything is as usual, men rushing, there are some intrigues, battles.

And here I don’t know about most readers, but I have a Mule called equally, if not more likable than the main characters. In the end, what do we know about it bad? Yes, fought and won – well the Base is doing about the same thing, only often by other methods, imposing religion or “eating” the economy of the planets, although the violence at this stage, did not hesitate to apply. Nothing about the monstrous repression in the occupied planets in the books does not say, racism and tolerance, the Mule did not seem to suffer, obscurantist cults are not planted. At the very least, has achieved a lot more than “the founders” in record time. Can be and build a prosperous, powerful galactic government before the dead Seldon? Not to mention the fact that the life of a Mule is sympathy and respect for him.

The second difference of the book “Foundation and Empire” from the previous volume of the epic – it’s more of a bias towards entertaining literature. Apparently, realizing that the Chronicles of the political struggle with the predefined final and documentary inserts are not too “catchy” of the reader, the author has diluted the futurist building of spy intrigue, car chases and other elements of Thriller and adventure novel. Here come to the fore not the “powers that be”, and spies, revolutionaries, adventurers are people of action. And action it, action becomes greater. On the one hand, this makes the book easier and more naive, on the other hand, this ostrosyuzhetnogo does not distract from reading and makes it easier to perceive the author’s ideas. And the characters, as mentioned above, in extreme situations reveal brighter, showing individual traits.