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Flowers for Algernon

Flowers for AlgernonThis is the story of search of love. Cast out from the lives of people with any disorder, whether it is dementia or genius. Alas, it comes from a deep empathy deficit in society. People are afraid of and those and others. Over one make fun, thinking that they are smarter and above others fear and avoid, because I feel their own inferiority.

But that all parameters of IQ. Where is the humanity? Typically, such a clear love for man, to another person? Friendly, sexy, motherly, protective, forgiving? Not so much Charlie wanted to be smart, much like that of love itself, to feel itself, to give the feeling to others, to receive in return the same feelings – this is life. He was deprived of that and being a moron, and being a genius. Loneliness.

A profound loneliness such aliens, because people are evil. Not everyone, of course. Charlie was lucky, a bit lucky, his life will be this flash of mutual love. And with a woman, and the sudden understanding of the sisters, and forgiveness is his mother. Charlie just proved to be capable of very human emotions – love, gratitude, forgiveness. And the flowers on the grave of Algernon tell us a lot about Charlie. He was always a Man.

He remembered about the mouse, being a genius, he remembered him, and losing his mind. This is a great heart Charlie. He was capable of empathy, it is sympathy, not pity, is the ability to feel as another being, whether man or mouse. And people are angry because all the time living in fear because you cannot just love. Many surrounding Charlie in my understanding of moral cripples, but they do not understand.

The inability to love and accept is pokalecheno soul. Judging by the operation, Charlie’s intelligence can be taught, even fantastic technique, but how to instill a love and ability for empathy? This man should do himself, to listen to ourselves, to others, to hear the heart … a Heartbreaking story, a tragedy of a particular person and society. Our moral degradation. Sorry Charlie, Algernon sorry, even more sorry sick society with a sick soul.