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Flawed (Flawed #1) by Cecelia Ahern

Flawed (Flawed #1) by Cecelia AhernThe protagonist of the Celestine North – a model daughter, sister, girlfriend, granddaughter. She’s good at everything. Learns well, a math genius, has her beloved boyfriend, Art, who is the son of the chief judge of the Tribunal. She has a brother and a sister. Parents Celestine famous people: mother, model and the face of the well-known company Beauty Box, father, Director of the General news channel.

She takes music lessons from his neighbor, only to please my parents. Example in all things, but… it’s a dystopia! It all started with the fact that this same neighbor, who gives music lessons, arresting the Tribunal in the eyes of the family, Celestine, her boyfriend and the judge. All that saddens, a disgrace to their quiet sleeping-rich, branded! The next morning, Celestine, together with Art and sister go to school.

In their eyes, the bus came an old man, one of the branded, and started to choke. Of course, no one is paying attention. Just think, the person dies, no one will help, because the government has banned somehow connect with people “violating” the laws of their “peaceful society”. But suddenly Celestine clicked in his brain, and she decided to help the poor man. Immediately I started to panic, came to the Tribunal, and the Celestine upekli behind bars. What followed?

Event bus stirred the whole country, all just started talking about the Celestine North. The invasion of the press, the pressure of the Tribunal and more necessary to survive and the Main Character. Everyone tells her that she’s special, somewhere something is brewing, some branded it inspired, somewhere caused outrage, each trying to bend the Celestine for themselves, to tell her story so that the Tribunal was not stupid and Celestine came out dry from the water.