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Flashback“Flashback” is a fantastic detective story from the author of “Hyperion” and “the Terror” by Dan Simmons, who loves to experiment and tries himself in different genres.
But this writer is weak, the significant role that had several factors.

First, the genre. Instead of trying to create a unique image of the detective, as did the same Larsson the adventures of a Girl, Simmons takes a ready well-known character. Private detective, suffering the death of his wife, none in the son, suffering alcosuisse… Whoa, the role of alcohol in the novel plays a new drug Flashback, which sits most of the inhabitants of the Earth, especially in the US, which ceded the title of the Highest Power, the new rulers of the world – Japan and the Caliphate.

Secondly, even for me, not very loving detective genre, the denouement can be guessed already by the middle of the book. Well, and thirdly, the excessive politicization of the books. America will fall, Russia will Tsar Putin, etc. In the end, in conjunction get sluggish current predictable detective in fantastic scenery with the already overexposed follows the main character, and reasoning about how the world has come to such a state.

Reading this work is not the feeling that Simmons has decided to temporarily pretend to be Philip Dick. Gloomy dystopia, the Japanese and their Mega-corporations, a highly active drug.