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Fires of Eden

Fires of Eden

The main villain – Mr. TRUMBO. For him human life is not worth anything, and to love and to be sincerely attached to people he does not know how. It is not for anyone experiencing the death of people its just annoying, like annoying flies, just because you interfere to make a deal to sell the Japanese place on the island for Golf courses. Old place, the abode of the gods and ancient people!

This is a novel about human responsibility for their actions, for intervention in nature, that do not appreciate what belonged to their ancestors, and themselves ancestors, or in this case, the indigenous Indians of the Hawaiian Islands. In the novel there is a story about the adventures of Samuel Clemens, from the diaries we can even learn about the origin of the pseudonym mark TWAIN. What this line in the novel? Obviously, the connection times. When man violates the laws of nature, laws of life, the ancient beginning of the Earth rises, the balance is disturbed, nature tries to put everything in place.

For unique sense of humor and some intelligent relation to the reader, the plot is not the main.

He isn’t anything special: because of the disregard for nature awakens Evil and are willing to not only accomplish a just revenge to the last drop of blood, but pursues selfish goals.

Miraculously almost all the characters in a positive or promise to reform, sugar-caramel is a happy ending, survive even the extras. But the desire to continue the acquaintance with creativity of the writer, only appreciated and thank you!